On year 38

Today is my birthday. Thirty-eight years living in the body, mind and soul of John Curtis McCulley.

To be honest, six years ago, I wasn’t sure I’d see this one. I was in a pretty low spot. Going through a divorce, not living up to my potential as a father, poorly performing at work … you name it. I was fighting the current and failing.

That was a weird feeling for me. I’ve been a decently motivated person since I was born. I had to be. There was no failure option. Everything was one more.

One more minute on the playground.

One more yard.

One more line of code.

One more shot.

One more rep.

One more mile.

Never enough, but always one more.

Sitting here in my cream-and-orange armchair in our home, I can reflect on the rebuilding years. The fights. The sadness. The joy. The overcoming. The downfall. The climb. So many phases have defined these last six years. It’s almost as if I lived a whole other life.

There are things I know I want for this coming year.

I will turn the wood shop into a fully-functional, profitable business.

I will build cool software with my team, and we will double in size.

I will finally build Make, my project management software dream.

I will devote more time to my wife and children.

I will serve more.

I will give more.

I will grow more.

Thirty-eight fell on day 68 of the program I’m on, #75hard. Most of the motivation I have lately comes from doing this for the last two months. The struggle. The fight. It has all been worth it.

I’m excited for 38, and I look forward to sharing my journey with you. I appreciate all the texts and phone calls. They were all truly special.


P.S. Here’s a sneak peak of my day …

This card was filled with love from my children. Very sweet.
The kiddos gave me Statue of Liberty legos and wrote a lovely card.
From Nanny Rose and Keith Hood
My buddy, David
Need I say more?
My buddy, Daniel
My buddy, Joe
My dad, who we also celebrated today, as it is Veterans Day
My friend Maryanne
A mountain of social love.
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Carrie McCulley
Carrie McCulley
1 year ago

I’m so happy you had such a special day. You are an amazing man, father, and husband. It’s been an honor to watch you grow over the last several years. Happy 38! Love you!

John McCulley
Reply to  Carrie McCulley
1 year ago

Thank you my love <3