Science-backed SLEEP!What I’ve learned

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But friends and thanks so much for joining me on the blog tonight where we’re going to be talking about sleep, which hopefully I’ll be doing in just a little bit. And you will, too. But when I started this journey on 75 Hard, one of the things that I focused on was my sleep quality, because it was garbage, to be honest with, you know, add a couple of mitigating factors in the way.

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One, I was drinking almost daily. So alcohol, which, you know, we’ll talk about in a little bit, is is just not good for sleep. And it’s going to cause you all sorts of problems with your deep sleep and REM sleep. So it’s one of the things that I think I think most attributed to my bad sleep. There’s also a couple of habitual things that were causing me issues down the line.

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So we’ll talk about some of the ways that I learned about sleep and kind of who I followed, what I did. I should have had my notes open already, but I’m kind of coming in off the fly from dinner. That’s why I’m still in my outdoor gear, but am talking about who I learned from. So I was listening for podcasts for people that were interested in sleep science and who did sleep science.

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And I came across Dr. Andrew Huberman, who runs Huberman Labs. He is a Stanford neuroscientists and just a brilliant dude, man. If you listen to him, I could listen to him for hours, but I’m also a science nerd. So, you know, after listening to him for a while, I was like, man, this guy’s got some good ideas. I want to go check him out and learn kind of what he’s about.

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And one of the things that he talks about on his list is on his website is sleep. He actually has a page on his website dedicated to it. It’s Huberman lab dotcom forward slash tool kit dash for dash sleep. I’ll put it on the on the blog as well and in the description in comments description on YouTube but basically in tool kit for sleep.

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He gave these really good tips and a couple of them are apps. A couple of them are yoga maneuvers. Maneuvers. That’s probably not the right word. Yoga practices, a couple of just habitual things and then a couple of things that are really good for your mental state. And I’ll tell you, the big ones that I pulled off of it, the first one and this one you’ve heard your whole life, but he never do it until you realize it works.

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It’s go to bed at the same time, wake up at the same time. I’ve been doing that pretty much every night. Now, I will tell you this I’ve never been a person that needs a lot of sleep. I always been kind of hyperactive if you can’t tell. But I’m just a hyperactive can go all hours in the night guy.

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So I’ve always been up early. I always stayed up late. I was having trouble with that over the last couple of years. You know, I was having to go to bed, you know, at least by 11, and I was struggling to get out of bed by 830, 9:00 every morning in the mornings. I had to go to work.

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I mean, I’m struggling to roll out of bed and just get started and I’m groggy for half the day, just wasn’t working for me. So that was one of the first things I did, was set a good sleep time and wait time, right now I’m going to bed around 1130 and waking up anywhere between six and 730. You know, it depends on when I want to start my day, but, you know, sometimes I start earlier.

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I get in my reflection time before I get out of bed. But it’s all good time and it’s all it’s all been really good for my habits and for getting me motivated and moving forward. The next thing on here, man, I used to drink acid this. I used to drink 8 to 10 cokes a day. I know it’s so much.

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I used to drink some of those with alcohol, so it’s kind of one of those things where that was my mixer, so it was up or down and that caffeine still stays in your bloodstream and it still takes forever to just get it out of you. So drinking a lot of caffeine before bed. So cut out all the caffeine before bed.

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That being said, I still do enjoy my bedtime snack, which is usually banana now, but that’s one of the things I should cut out and probably will in the future. But you know, I did cut out all the caffeine before 8 to 10 hours before bed. So, I mean, if you’re drinking caffeine with dinner, you should probably stop that.

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Here’s one that I just didn’t think was a thing. And forgive me, Dr. Cooperman, but I thought this was complete and utter bull crap, which is when you wake up in the morning, get sunlight right away, or long term sunlight within the first 30 to 60 minutes of waking. And I thought that was just horse crap, however. Oh, my goodness.

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How does it how well does it work? So every morning I take time, I get up out of the bed and I take time to go to the window, go open the back doors and just go check out the outdoors. If nothing else, it has given me such a much better mental state when I first wake up in the morning to be like, Oh, it’s a good day out here.

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Even when it’s raining, it’s like, Oh, it’s beautiful out here. This, you know, the earth is just beautiful. So it’s given me this good perspective. He has a whole spill on what the on the science of taking in light when you first wake up and what it can do to you or for your day and for your energy levels.

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And I got to tell you, it works. My energy levels have not been higher in my whole life than they are right now. So excuse me. Sorry about that. I threw a mouse just across my desk there. The last ones here are kind of ones that I wasn’t really I didn’t really have trouble with these before, but it’s things that I took into account off his list because they made sense to me and I was worried as I got into the program that I would need these things because of my energy level decreasing.

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And the number one thing that I will say that I wasn’t doing, but I have still not done because I’ve read the science behind it and listened to Dr. Huberman talk about it is limiting naps or not taking them at all, mainly because that that puts your body into that sleep cycle. It kind of brings your energy down, brings your, you know, your mood down, and then you’re here rested and then you got to pop back out and you got to be ready to go.

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So I haven’t done that. I haven’t done any naps, no sleeping pills. I was kind of worried I was going to have trouble with the sleeping pills because I did stop taking ADHD medication. So I was thinking I was not going to sleep at all. So I did. I did avoid those completely. No time at all. PM No bedtime, you know, sleeping, cocktail, melatonin, anything like that.

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Everything. Everything in my body that’s causing me to sleep is natural. And then no alcohol before bed, of course, was 75 hard. I couldn’t do alcohol anyway, but this is what I’m going to carry forward. And if I do socially drink with people, I’m going to cut that out by at least 7 p.m. so that I have 3 to 4 hours of real good time for that to go out of my body and just, you know, have a have a pretty clean, pretty, pretty clean.

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I don’t know what word I’m looking for, you know, just constitution before I go to bed. I just want I just want everything out of me before I go to bed. And I want to feel natural as I lay down to sleep. So those are kind of the things I learned. If you go to that tool kit for sleep website page on his website is amazing and I would recommend you follow him if you’re into sleep science, if you’re into the science of the body.

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And one of the things I’ll tell you about is I’m not sponsored by these people. I’m not sponsored by him. I don’t even know the guy besides posting about him on social media all the time. But I got into the whoop strap. It’s this thing I’ve been wearing on my wrist during sober October when I was kind of following Joe Rogan, Tom Sega, Arch Fear, Bert Kreischer through sober October and they wear these things to track their fitness and recovery.

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And I got really interested in the science. I will tell you this, even if you’re just looking at sleep science and to measure your quality of sleep, it’s amazing. Just for that, Dr. Huebner is one of the doctors that consults on this, but it is a panel of scientists that helps with every aspect of what this device tracks and what it helps you measure.

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Just amazing. What it can do tells me about my recovery, my sleep, my exercise. It accounts for meditation and how my brain waves and body changes during meditation and excuse me, and sleep and naps and things like that and rest time playing video games, coaching, high stress work, things like that. It takes into account pretty much every activity to help you adjust your patterns to be more healthy.

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So I would recommend you grab one of these for him. You get the device for free as part of your subscriptions, 30 bucks a month, but leave the science behind it and the things it’s going to tell you are just amazing, amazing things to learn. So all that to say, I’ve been sleeping a ton better. I feel better than I felt my time to adulthood.

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You know, it is a total life change for me. It’s been a it’s been a total new moment for me, just physically, mentally, spiritually, the whole nine. I’m just I’m feeling very, very overwhelmed by how good this has been. And, you know, I just hope that you guys, as you listen to this, as you as you follow, maybe Dr. Kuperman or some of his colleagues, and maybe you’re checking out the woohp strap, maybe you’re checking out 75 hard.

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Yes. I hope you’re encouraged just to pay attention to your health right now before it’s too late. You know, I was thinking it was too late, but I’ll tell you this. I’m feeling better than I have in forever. And I am totally on the fifth 440 movement and hoping that, you know, the next 40 years of my life are the best 40 years that I’ve had yet.

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So I’m super excited about that. I’ll close out with this. Speaking of 75 hard, a lot of people have been involved in the making of this thing. My wife gave it to me tonight because I’m headed out of town this weekend. I’ve got two days left. But she gave it to me tonight and I’m just blessed and overwhelmed by all the people that have poured into me in this journey.

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And I’ll be sharing this on a future episode. But just to give you kind of a sneak peek, it’s just kind of pictures and letters from people that love me and have been following me and throughout this journey have been encouraging me and have been pouring into me, and I’m excited to share it with you. I’m excited to share the end of my journey with the UN to tell you about the next phase.

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Some people are going to call me crazy, but I’m ready for phase a, phase one after after this initial 75 hard. So super exciting stuff coming up. I’m so thankful that you guys are following the blog and listening as a person who thought this was never going to work. I’ve had overwhelming support so far and just appreciate everything you guys are doing to help motivate me and to help keep this going and to help me move it forward.

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And I thank you so, so much and have the best, best night of your life.