Will AI ruin the modern relationship?

Originally posted on LinkedIn.

How do you think AI will affect our relationships? In a world where you can now artificially modify your knowledge, appearance and responses to stimuli, I’m curious.

Behavioral psychology experts maintain these as the most important aspects for sustainable relationships.

Reciprocity: each person in the relationship contributes to the well-being of the other, and there is a mutual exchange of benefits

Communication: we must emphasize the importance of active listening, expressing emotions, and communicating needs clearly

Positive reinforcement: we should reward each other for positive behaviors and avoid punishment for negative behaviors

Shared experiences: sharing experiences can help to build intimacy and strengthen the emotional bond between us

Empathy: we must be able to understand and share the feelings of another person

By focusing on these aspects, we can strengthen their emotional bond and build a lasting, fulfilling relationship.

Simon Sinek nailed this one, but I’m not sure we’ve taken into account that I can modify my responses to you digitally if we’re speaking over a messaging platform or in text.