The quiet month

On December 31, 2023, I posted a video on my social media explaining that I’d be taking January off from social media to recharge, refocus, and quite my mind.

If there’s a thesis statement to this post, it’s this.

Take time off if you’re addicted, but set boundaries if you’re not.

And that’s it.

Was it refreshing? YES
Was it life-changing? NO
Was it hard? YES
Would I do it again? NO*

*The asterisk is important there. I wouldn’t do it again for the same reason. I just plan on building in boundaries.

The boundaries we create force us to ignore the things that make social so dumb. Drama, idiocy, nonsense, political bickering.

So here’s my boundary for the next twenty years. If you want to bicker with me online, you will be offered a time for lunch or dinner. If you want to comment that my opinion is not right, you will be offered a face-to-face meeting. If you think my God is ruining the world, I’d love to chat face to face.

And that’s the boundary. I’m so tired of the nonsense. What I realized is that I really don’t care what your politics are. I love your family and kids, but your drama is not my problem.

Sounds harsh? It is. If you want me to love you and care for your drama, we’ll meet.

But if you’re a like-fisher, grabbing as many reactions as possible to feel good, we’re not the same.

Love y’all. Get after it.